All Aboard the Most Tricked-Out Science Ship in America


You don’t want to sail on a research vessel. After all, it’s meant for science, not comfort. Cramped quarters, sparse amenities, lots of cables and stuff everywhere.

But America’s newest, fanciest research vessel, the Sally Ride (named after the first American woman in space), is an anomaly. This 238-foot beauty isn’t just oddly comfortable–it comes equipped with some serious tech for some serious oceanography. Of particular interest to the scientists who will call the Sally Ride home: How are oceans transforming under the weight of global warming? That means precisely measuring fluctuations in salinity and nutrients and temperature, for which this ship is uniquely equipped. And soon: The Sally Ride is preparing for her first scheduled research cruise in November.

So climb aboard for a tour of the ship that’ll lead America into a new era of ocean science.