Amazingly beautiful pictures of Bardarbunga’s volcanic eruption


A new volcanic eruption in southeast Iceland on early Sunday morning fountained lava nearly 200 feet into the air. Lava is spewing from the same crack as a small eruption that occurred Friday. The fissure slices through the 200-year-old Holuhraun lava field, between Bardarbunga volcano and Askja volcano. The  eruption was 50 times more powerful than Friday’s outburst, according to the Iceland Met Office. Lava was streaming from the fissure at 15.9 million gallons per minute at 7 a.m. local time (3 a.m. ET) on Sunday, three hours after the flare-up began. The basalt flow was almost 0.6 miles wide by 1.9 miles long by mid-morning local time.

Here are a few amazing pictures taken by Einar Gudmann, a Iceland based nature photographer, writer and editor. To learn more about Einar’s work, visit


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