Astonishingly Beautiful iPad Finger Paintings By Ales Lyalyush


Traditionally, tablets are considered content consumption devices, made for surfing the web, and enjoying photos and videos. But a slew of artists are proving the iPad can do much more than that. It can be used as a canvas. Yes, as a canvas! Russia-based digital artist Ales Lyalyush is one of those rare and talented artists.

Lyalyush creates extraordinary paintings by finger-painting(or finger-drawing) on his iPad.It is quite difficult to believe that these beautiful paintings were made using only a touch screen.

To learn more about his work, be sure to visit Facebook page.  Below are some of his beautiful artworks:

Ales Lyalyush Ales Lyalyush1

Ales Lyalyush2 Ales Lyalyush3 Ales Lyalyush4 Ales Lyalyush5 Ales Lyalyush6  Ales Lyalyush8 Ales Lyalyush9 Ales Lyalyush10 Ales Lyalyush11 Ales Lyalyush12

Ales Lyalyush13 Ales Lyalyush14 Ales Lyalyush15 Ales Lyalyush16