Awe-inspiring Northern Lights Photography by Joni Niemelä


Based in Finland, Joni Niemelä is a Fine Art Nature Photographer who captures the astonishingly beautiful and awe-inspiring of norther lights. Below is a collections of some of the shots he took between 2013 to 2015

Niemelä explains, “Though current solar activity cycle is the weakest in a century it has brought us some really amazing lights in the night sky these past years.”

To see more of his incredible work, be sure to visit or Facebook.

Joni Niemelä1

Joni NiemeläJoni Niemelä13 Joni Niemelä12 Joni Niemelä11 Joni Niemelä10 Joni Niemelä9 

  Joni Niemelä8 Joni Niemelä7 Joni Niemelä6 Joni Niemelä5 Joni Niemelä4 Joni Niemelä3 Joni Niemelä2