Azuma Makoto Documents A Bonsai Tree’s 10-Year Journey Around the Globe


Conceptual artist Azuma Makoto documents a bonsai tree’s 10-year journey around the globe. Makoto’s 10-year project Shiki: Landscape and Beyond, captures the journey of a Japanese white pine bonsai tree around  the globe.

In this project, he explains how the botanical plant suspended from a square carbon-fiber frame is an examination of how human limitations are placed upon the infinite aspects of nature, in their attempts to contain and control. His experimental pieces put flower arrangements into situations that would never occur naturally, in order to facilitate cognitive friction or roughness when viewing his work. With his art, Makoto likes to explore all aspects of the plant world, including the deterioration of the plants he arranges, not ignoring the death behind the life of what he shoots. Makoto works in collaboration with botanical photographer Shunsuke Shiinoki, and the two maintain Jardin des Fleurs, a haute couture flower shop.

From now until december 5, 2015, dallas’ zhulong gallery presents ‘shiki: landscape and beyond’, an exhibition of sculpture and photographic works by floral sculptor azuma makoto.

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