Breathtaking Photographs of Waves by Ben Thouard


Surfer Ben Thouard, 29, has snapped a series of breathtaking shots off the south-west coast of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, one of the deadliest surfing spot in the world (at least five surfers have died in its turbulent waters since 2000).

To capture his photos, Thouard scouts out particular shapes and the right swell direction, and shoots most of his pictures during the ‘golden hour’ of sunrise or sunset. Thouard, who’s based in Tahiti, spent his childhood holidays on his family’s sailing boat and was taught how to surf by his brothers when he was just eight years old. He said: ‘To me waves are like magic – they’re mesmerizing. I think this is the greatest creation from Mother Nature which is so beautiful and fascinating.

He said: ‘I think the best way to photograph nature is to become part of the nature, and so swimming is the best way to feel and capture the energy that can be found out there.‘Some days I go out there and swim for hours without taking any good pictures, while other days I could shoot a bunch of really pictures in just an hour.‘It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.’

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