The Afghanistan You Never See

Bilal Sarwary is showing the world the glimpses of Afghanistan very few see! These beautiful pictures show rugged mountains, autumnal woodlands, snow-dusted valleys, lush green hills and a country brimming with life. This is Afghanistan..

The best speech ever given by a man!

The world’s greatest speech wasn’t made by a politician, leader, dictator or philosopher. It was written by comic actor Charlie Chaplin, in 1940 and is unarguably the greatest speech ever given. The speech was spoken..

Valley of Dolls

Ayano Tsukimi (64) is living in Nagoro, a village in eastern Iya on Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. Not many people are still living there. For those who die or move..

Two Ancient Cities Found in Mexican Jungle

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient Maya cities in the tropical forest of central Yucatan. The team unearthed stone monuments, inscriptions, temple pyramids and the remains of massive structures. According to expedition leader Ivan Sprajc, the..

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