Whales swimming under the Northern Lights

Photographer Harald Albrigtsen experienced what many northern light-photographers can only dream of! The photographer, who was filming a video for Norwegian public television (NRK) at the time, observed two humpback whales swimming under the bright..

Canary Islands Sunset

Everyone loves watching sunset. It’s so quiet, inspiring and full of promises. Last September, photographer Lukas Furlan explored the beautiful Canary Islands of Tenerife and La Gomera for two weeks; documenting his adventure and sharing the experience..

A new role for vitamin B6 in plants

Vitamin B6, which exists in different natural forms called vitamers, is essential for all living organisms, as it participates in numerous aspects of cells’ everyday life. Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, have..

Colorful Nacreous Clouds Appear Above UK and Ireland

Cloud porn (Picture: PA) Beautiful nacreous clouds glided across the skies in parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland since the start of the month, encouraging many people to snap a shot of the unusual sight. The..

The Pristine Beauty of Tuscany Photographed by Marcin Sobas

Poland-based photographer Marcin Sobas (Previously featured) captures otherworldly beautiful images of agricultural fields and hills of Tuscany, Italy. He says: “Northern Tuscany is densely covered with vineyards and forests, but the southern part is completely different. This region..

A Five Planet Dawn

As January closes and in the coming days of February, early morning risers can spot the five naked-eye planets before dawn. Though some might claim to see six planets, in this seaside panoramic view all five celestial wanderers were found above..

An Airglow Fan from Lake to Sky

Why would the sky look like a giant fan? Airglow. The featured intermittent green glow appeared to rise from a lake through the arch of our Milky Way Galaxy, as captured last summer next to Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. The unusual pattern..

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