David of Nepal

This is the story of David Kainee, a man who is using his talents and passions to fight poverty and human trafficking in Nepal.

It has been nearly a century since slavery was abolished in Nepal, but less than one decade since debt-bondage slavery was revoked. Abolitionists everywhere cheered when Nepali slave-owners were forced to free their servants. That is until they realized the slaves had nowhere to go.
Because of this, the Kailali area, settled in southwest Nepal and known for its bonded labor practices, is at high risk for human trafficking. Many villages in the Kailali area are impoverished with dangerously few jobs and limited educational opportunities, especially for girls.
Just three decades ago, the elders of Bhageshwor Tole migrated from the mountains to the Kailali district in hopes of escaping severe oppression. With no money, no job opportunities, and a social caste system that considers these individuals (Dalits, otherwise known as The Untouchables) to be worthless, they cleared out a space in the forest in hopes of building a better tomorrow.

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Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Jeremy Snell
Sound Design & Audio Mix by Chris Ahn (christopherkahn.com)
Music courtesy of Tony Anderson (tonyandersonmusic.com)
Produced by GHNI