Nasa’s ‘Earth From Orbit in 2014’ is gorgeous, but horrifying


Last week, Last has released its annual round-up of the best images and videos of Earth from orbit in 2014. The video features dramatic visual comparisons of parts of Earth in 2014 from NASA and its partners as well as photos and a time lapse video from the International Space Station.It is a beautiful clip, but some of the most spectacular scenes are also some of the most harrowing.

The video was released ahead of “Earth Day” on 22 April, on which Nasa plans to focus attention on “exploring” our home planet — the most “complex”, Nasa says, of the 1,800 planets discovered in our cosmos so far.

“It is this complexity that challenges Earth scientists as they seek to figure out how the whole planet works as a system,” said Nasa. “Earth has oceans, forests, deserts, ice sheets, rain, snow, an atmosphere. And we have life. These are some of the things that Nasa’s 20 Earth-orbiting missions observe and measure in our quest to build the most complete understanding possible of our dynamic planet.”