Otherworldly Macro World Of Snails And Insects By Vadim Trunov


Vadim Trunov, a  self-taught photographer based in the Russian city of Voronezh, seems to have a fascination with these littlest of creatures. He takes beautiful macro photos of snails, insects and mushrooms in his back garden during a rainy day.

Trunov’s works have been featured in a great number of Russian and international media. He has also won numerous large-scale contests, including the “Best of Russia” annual photo competition. Being a self-taught photographer, Vadim has never attended any photography school or courses, but books and the mighty Internet have helped him a lot on the way to success.

“The Internet is a great means to share expertise with others, to follow the latest trends, to progress and to develop,” Vadim says.

To check out this award-winning photographer’s other photos as well, be sure to visit  500px or 35photo.ru

(H/T: GBtimes)

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