People window-shop on their iPhones, but actually buy things on their iPads


Americans spent $3 billion shopping online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and a quarter of those sales were made with smartphones and tablets, according to Adobe. That’s a huge shift for e-commerce: Spending on mobile devices was up 118% from last year, Adobe found. Different data from IBM confirm the trend.

IBM’s study also reveals a fascinating dichotomy in mobile shopping: Americans use their phones to browse shopping sites, but when it comes to actually making purchases, that’s more likely to happen on their tablets. Here’s the breakdown by type of device as a percentage of all browsing and spending:

The trend really applies more specifically to Apple’s iPhones, which drove $126 million in sales, and iPads, which were responsible for $417 million, according to Adobe. Android tablets, by contrast, were a non-entity, generating $42 million in sales. Here’s the comparison:

Adobe said that online shopping on Black Friday peaked between 11am and noon ET, with $150 million in sales that hour.


Image Source: fourthsource