Robbie Maddison Uses His Dirt Bike To Surf a Wave in Tahiti


Australian motorbike stunt rider Robbie Maddison has made history by becoming the first person to use a motorcycle to ride the waves in Tahiti. In collaborating with DC Shoes, Maddison realized a vision that was three years in the making.

Maddison says:

It’s not about being the first or being right, it’s about believing in yourself because you know something is possible.

 To witness this distinction in action, make sure to check out the amazing Pipe Dream video above.
robbie-maddison-dc-shoes-pipe-dream-1 robbie-maddison-dc-shoes-pipe-dream-5 robbie-maddison-dc-shoes-pipe-dream-3

robbie-maddison-dc-shoes-pipe-dream-4 robbie-maddison-dc-shoes-pipe-dream-7