Topic: Aurora

A Phoenix Aurora over Iceland

All of the other aurora watchers had gone home. By 3:30 am in Iceland, on a quiet night last September, much of that night’s auroras had died down. Suddenly though, a new burst of particles streamed..

Whales swimming under the Northern Lights

Photographer Harald Albrigtsen experienced what many northern light-photographers can only dream of! The photographer, who was filming a video for Norwegian public television (NRK) at the time, observed two humpback whales swimming under the bright..

A beautiful aurora over Senja, Norway

Quite possibly the most beautiful footage of Aurora Borealis you’ve ever seen! Photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo has captured this gorgeous time-lapse footage of Aurora Borealis over Senja Island, Norway. Senja is often referred to as “Norway in miniature”,..

Awe-inspiring Northern Lights Photography by Joni Niemelä

Based in Finland, Joni Niemelä is a Fine Art Nature Photographer who captures the astonishingly beautiful and awe-inspiring of norther lights. Below is a collections of some of the shots he took between 2013 to 2015 Niemelä..

Aurora over Clouds

Auroras usually occur high above the clouds. The auroral glow is created when fast-moving particles ejected from the Sun impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, from which charged particles spiral along the Earth’s magnetic field to strike atoms and molecules high in..

Gorgeous aurora lights up the sky over Norway

On the night of Oct. 8, 2015, a photographer in Harstad, Norway captured this image of the dancing northern lights. Auroras are created when fast-moving, magnetic solar material strikes Earth’s magnetic bubble, the magnetosphere. This..

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