Topic: Climate Change

Nearing the limits of life on Earth

In University Valley, there is a layer of dry permafrost soil overlaying ice-rich permanently frozen ground. The ice in the permafrost is formed not by liquid water, but by frozen water vapor; the absence of..

Humans began altering natural world 6,000 years ago

Scientists have found an abrupt change about 6,000 years ago in how terrestrial plant and animal species coexisted, right about the time human populations were ballooning and agriculture was spreading around the world. The findings..

Greenland Ice Sheet during the 20th Century

Kangiata Nunata Sermia in Southwest Greenland. The image shows different lines that marks the extent of the ice at different points in time. The upper trimline (transition) between the ligther and darker valley sides marks..

Climate change rapidly warming world’s lakes

Climate change is rapidly warming lakes around the world, threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystems, according to a study spanning six continents. The study is the largest of its kind and the first to use a..

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