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Clouds, Birds, Moon and Venus

Sometimes the sky above can become quite a show. In early September of 2010, for example, the Moon and Venus converged, creating quite a sight by itself for sky enthusiasts around the globe.   From..

Moon and Earth from Chang’e 5-T1

Described at times as a big blue marble, from some vantage points Earth looks more like a small blue marble. Such was the case in this iconic image of the Earth and Moon system taken by the Chang’e 5-T1 mission last week. The..

Plane, Clouds, Moon, Spots, Sun

What’s that in front of the Sun? The closest object is an airplane, visible just below the Sun’s center and caught purely by chance. Next out are numerous clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, creating a series..

Small Moon with a Big Crater

Whatever hit Mimas nearly destroyed it. What remains is one of the largest impact craters on one of Saturn’s smallest moons. The crater, named Herschel after the 1789 discoverer of Mimas, Sir William Herschel, spans..

It’s Time For A ‘Blood Moon’

Mark your calendar: On October 8th, the Moon will pass through the shadow of Earth for a total lunar eclipse. Sky watchers in the USA will see the Moon turn a beautiful shade of celestial red..

Mars, Antares, Moon and Saturn

 Mars, Antares, Moon, and Saturn are the brightest celestial beacons in this serene sky. The Sun’s golden light is still scattered along the southwestern horizon though, captured after sunset on September 28. The evening gathering of wandering planets and..

Coronas Around the Moon as Observed from Thessaloniki, Greece

The photo above shows colorful concentric rings, coronas, about the nearly full Moon as observed fromThessaloniki, Greece, on May 12, 2014. These colorful rings result from diffraction of sunlight by randomly spacedwater droplets in mid-level clouds. When the droplets are of uniform sizes,..

The moon looks so beautiful tonight

This amazingly beautiful image was captured on 4th September 2014 10.14 PM EST. All the rights reserved to You may not reproduce, distribute, republish,  transmit or display this image without the prior  consent of

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