Topic: neuroscience

How music, language shape the brain

Northwestern University professor Nina Kraus shed light on one of the brain’s most complex tasks — making sense of sound — during the recent Falling Walls conference in Berlin. The annual gathering features significant discoveries..

How our brains overrule our senses

Is it a duck or a rabbit? The same sensory stimulus can produce different perceptions. Credit: Jastrow, J. (1899). The mind’s eye. Popular Science Monthly, 54, 299-312. Scientists have long known that when sounds are..

How cocaine changes the brain

Artwork based on the characterization of the brain network underlying the hyperactivity of dopamine-producing neurons and the behavioral effects of cocaine.Credit: François Georges, PhD, Bordeaux University The burst of energy and hyperactivity that comes with..

How does our brain form creative and original ideas?

Developing an original and creative idea requires the simultaneous activation of two completely different networks in the brain: the associative — “spontaneous” — network alongside the more normative — “conservative” — network; this according to..

Study reveals how brain multitasks

This is an image of a human brain. The thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) surrounds the thalamus (pictured in red, with a switchboard in the background).Credit: Courtesy of Michael Halassa. Findings help explain how the brain..

How the brain controls sleep

MIT neuroscientists have discovered a brain circuit that can trigger small regions of the brain to fall asleep or become less alert, while the rest of the brain remains awake.Credit: Illustration by Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT Sleep..

How language gives your brain a break

New research suggests people modify language in this way because it makes things simpler for our minds — as speakers, listeners, and readers. Credit: Christine Daniloff/MIT Here’s a quick task: Take a look at the..

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