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A Map Of The Entire Universe In One Image

This is what the entire known Universe looks like in a single image Created by musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi, the image is based on logarithmic maps of the Universe put together by Princeton University researchers,..

Gravity, Who Needs It? NASA Studies Your Body in Space

What happens to your body in space? NASA’s Human Research Program has been unfolding answers for over a decade. Space is a dangerous, unfriendly place. Isolated from family and friends, exposed to radiation that could..

Massive Black Hole Shreds Passing Star

What happens when a star gets too close to a black hole? Recent observations from Earth-orbiting observatories of an event dubbed ASASSN-14li, in a distant galactic center, appears to be giving one star’s harrowing story. Although angularly unresolved, variations..

Charting the slow death of the universe

The distribution of galaxies as mapped by various Australia, US and European survey teams. In total we have mapped the locations of over 4million galaxies that can be used to study the evolution of mass,..

How to weigh the Milky Way

What if your doctor told you that your weight is somewhere between 100 and 400 lbs.? With any ordinary scale every patient can do better at home. Yet, one patient can’t: the Milky Way. Even..

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