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The Galaxy Tree

  First came the trees. In the town of Salamanca, Spain, the photographer noticed how distinctive a grove of oak trees looked after being pruned. Next came the galaxy. The photographer stayed up until 2 am, waiting until the Milky Way Galaxy rose above..

Pearl of a New White Dwarf

Like a pearl, a white dwarf star shines best after being freed from its shell. In this analogy, however, the Sun would be a mollusk and its discarded hull would shine prettiest of all! In the above shell of gas and dust, the planetary nebula designated NGC..

The Detailed Universe

The title pretty much tells the whole story.  It’s quite enthralling when one realizes the true measure of the universe, a fact in which most people still find hard to fathom. “From nano-metres to billions..

Fibrils Flower on the Sun

When does the Sun look like a flower? In a specific color of red light emitted by hydrogen, as featured here, some regions of the solar chromosphere may resemble a rose. The color-inverted image was taken in 2014 October..

100 Million Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy

What stars compose the Andromeda galaxy? To better understand, a group of researchers studied the nearby spiral by composing the largest image ever taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. The result, called the Panchromatic Hubble..

10 Most Spectacular Astrophotos of 2014

Astrophotography is an immensely rewarding hobby. It reveals the spectacular beauty of nature and wonders of the universe. We have compiled a list of the ten most beautiful astrophotos 2014, taken by some of the..

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