This restaurant caters only for solo diners


Dining alone in public can be an awkward experience, but not if you are at Eenmaal. This restaurant, named after the Dutch word ‘single’ or ‘one meal’, is filled with tables that can only accommodate one diner at a time. Created by two Dutch design agencies, Eenmaal aims to break the social taboo associated with eating alone.

Unfortunately, Eenmaal is not permanent. It’s an experimental pop-up restaurant that was first launched in June 2013 in Amsterdam following which the restaurant received a lot of national and international media attention inspiring the founders to follow up with several pop-ups, and even expanding the concept to London last January. Marina Van Goor, its creator, has plans to bring the pop-up restaurant to other European cities and to New York as well. She is even toying with the idea of opening a permanent branch in London. “We wanted to entice people to come to the restaurant and at the same time to give them food for thought,” she says. “We wanted to demonstrate that eating in solitude can be a good thing.”


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