Watching her journey will send goose bumps down your spine and leave you feeling inspired to chase your dreams.


Jordanne Whiley is a perfect example of why we should ignore everything and follow our dreams

Jordanne Joyce Whiley (born 11 June 1992 in Birmingham) is a wheelchair tennis player and Britain’s youngest ever National women’s singles champion in wheelchair tennis at the age of 14. The first time Jordanne Whiley played tennis was in Israel. She was three. Sitting by the court with a broken leg, she watched her beloved dad competing in a tournament and instinctively started to mimic him.

Her father, a bronze medal winner in the 1994 Paralympic Games saw in her a special persistence and talent in the game of tennis, and encouraged her to continue her dreams. She went on to win the National Championship at the age of 14, and then won a bronze medal in the Paralympic Games in London.

The story of Jordanne Whiley comes to you from Zak Razvi. You can see more of Zak’s work here.